the giggling goattman:)
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this is where my goats live

Welcome to the Giggling Goat!

My Husband and I and our three young daughters live on a beautiful waterfront property on Hornby Island. We got our first Nigerian Dwarf Goats in 2007 as a birthday present for my eldest daughter. I wanted goats for more years than I can remember and fell in love with the breed when I first saw them at the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo in Victoria.

Since then our little herd has grown to 5 - 6 does and 1 billy whether. Our goats have free run of the ten acre property as well as enjoying the beach (when we let them). We breed our goats to freshen in the spring and summer months when my children are around to enjoy them. All of our goat kids are handled within moments of birth and are snuggled and loved from that time onwards making them very sociable and tame.

Every year we pick a theme to name all the kids from that year. We started with one named Rock stars (Elvis, Prince, Beck, Cher.....), then we had Cheeses (Ricotta, Colby, Halloumi, Velveeta.......), the next year we had Greek Gods (Eros, Chronos, Echo, Electra......), the year after we had Hairstyles (Bun, Buzz, Pixie, Wavey, Spike......) etc... and last year year we decided on then there was the year of Textiles (Velvet, Velour, Polka, Dot, Bamboo...), Followed by. This year our theme is condiments (can't you just imagine a little goat kid named Pickle, Mayo, Miso, Dijon...or Jelly?), Last Years theme was Musical Instruments (Piccolo, Banjo, Ukelele, Cello.....)This is a fun game for our family and it helps us keep track of who was born when. Of course once kids go to their new homes they usually get new names.

I started milking 3 summers ago and have continued milking into this spring. Our goats have proven to be excellent milkers. Our goats are very friendly and excellent with children. They are sweet, affectionate and mischievous. My whole family is smitten with these lovely animals, each one with their own personality and preferences. We also raise heritage breeds of laying chickens, meat birds, turkeys and Muscovy ducks, and have a large garden and orchard.

- Andrea Kaback